Corporate & Social Responsibility

1 Corporate ethics

We strictly stick to ethic norms and standards of corporate management.

We are devoted to our principals and follow the norms of transparency in all aspects of our work.

We provide our investors with full service as they enter joint stock capital.

We help project participants to improve their knowledge of business by organizing additional courses and seminars.

We don’t release information about investors and keep all agreements.


2 Profit and output culture

We use the most modern technologies and know-hows.

We are always result-orientated.

When we build and realize business strategies we value innovative approach, experience and responsibility.

We highly appreciate our employees’ professionalism.


3 Strict finance discipline

We are always careful with all issues regarding investment assets.

Discipline observation is the key principle of running a company.

We always find new ideas to use company’s resources more effectively.


4 Social responsibility

Hermes Sojitz Fund finds it very important to keep sincere terms with local communities and social responsibility is one of the company’s values.

We understand that positive image of our projects depends on keeping strong mutually beneficial relations with the local citizens and all sides involved.

We actively support social initiatives, especially health, education and commercial development.

We help to realize projects which are aimed to support local citizens.


5 The main priority is to take care of people and nature

We are very careful about health and safety.

We respect culture, traditions and customs of the countries we work in.

We care about nature and try to minimize our impact on the environment.


Being a successful investment fund in Africa, we actively participate in social life of the region where we realize our projects. Our key corporate social responsibilities include such spheres as health care, educating professional employees, social needs.

The fund organizes free Medical centers for local people. Local people’s interests are the main aims of our work plan which is to consider local interests and increase wealth of our partners and other people, involved in the project.

Our Fund management has a clear vision of business reality. Our management policy is to be sure about the real effects of our work in all the aspects (economic, social and ethic). We forecast all the consequences and control risks. We work together with all our partners on all stages of the process and meet all their needs in the most transparent way.

Such approach to business projects gives us additional support and protection from local government and people.


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