Our Advantages

We strive for excellence in everything we do. We compel perfection of business procedures and competitive advantage through the system, which includes:

1. segment market precise understanding;

2. market forecasting;

3. higher margin projects sustainable management;

4. operational system development;

5. enabling and Industrial Technologies Employing;

6. premium quality product control;

7. international team of highly qualified specialists.

We create conditions for peak value profitability by means of unity. Our leadership is based on common goals, values, and standards of work.

Experience in real production sectors: Professional and profound knowledge of industries and markets.
Management that has 20 years of experience in production projects realization.
Implementation of know-how and patent development. Experience in using unique high-tech equipment.
The use of Japanese, German and South Korean production which doesn’t have analogs in Africa. We use innovative technologies in steel production; implement new environmentally friendly methods of production. We successfully cooperate with suppliers and clients.
Partnership with governments. Due to connections with African governments the Fund takes part in national investment programs.
Fund projects are approved by governments and have not only priority in realization but many other preferences.
Iron ore of high quality. To produce safe and environmental (high-tech) steel we use ore with a very high percentage of iron about 68.5%. At present we see and forecast high demand on African row products in China.

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