Why Africa?

“Africa reminds me China in 1999. If you missed China, don’t do it now.” (Plamen Monovski, asset management Renaissance Group)

1. Rich in natural resources.
Africa abounds with natural resources, in particular with mineral deposits; this region has not passed the peak of oil drilling yet. There are big reservoirs of high-quality iron ore in the western part of the continent. African water reservoirs are full of clean water where you can find a lot of wild fish. This fish is biologically clean (not GM) material to produce fish products.

2 . Huge demographic resources.
African labor force is growing and by 2030 about 65% of world growth will be Africans.

3. Loyal norms of ecology control.
Most of the norms in ecology policy haven’t changed since 1985.

4. Active infrastructure development.
African countries’ governments, such as Cameroon, Morocco, Guinea, Angola, Mauritania, Senegal, Gabon, etc., spend money on road and port building, power plants construction and creation of modern communication infrastructures.

5. Development of legal institutions, creation of full legal and regulatory framework for investment, mainly based on best French practices.
As a result, investment process becomes clear and attractive.

6. Countries and investment companies’ partnership.
New investment programs are developed in different spheres of economy which involves close cooperation

between governments and investors on mutually agreed conditions. All business entities in partnership of outside capitals get such advantages as tax and customs benefits.

7.  Stable political and supportive economic situation.
In the western part of Africa, on the territory of Western African Economic and Monitory Union (UEMOA), favorable conditions for investment and business activity have been created. Commonly used currency of the territory of the Union is Franc CFA BCEAO, which has a stable equivalent to euro.


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