Fish-processing industry in Western Africa

fishing-ver1tWe have created the 1st modern high-tech fish-processing factory in Africa; it produces surimi and fish. Professional and deep knowledge of surimi market provides accurate preparation and realization of projects.
The most modern equipment, cheap row materials and labor force help to lower production expenses.
We unite experience, modern technologies and innovative approach to business and it helps us to be beyond competition.

Our biologically healthy row fish material is of natural origin, it doesn’t contain GM components and additives.
Our factory is equipped with the most modern Japanese, German and South Korean equipment which doesn’t have analogs in Africa.
Our project has its own research base.
Our experience and understanding of sales systems guarantee sales of production.

We have solved electricity issues!
The level of fuel and electricity complex in Africa is very low, although the region has energy resources and hydropower potential.  On the world electricity market Africa has a very low share (less than 2%) which proves the low level of electrical infrastructure of the region.
Nevertheless Africa is very rich in renewable resources, such as wind, sun and geothermal resources, but they are hardly used. Investment in renewable energy in Africa is on a very low level.
GDP in Africa is the lowest in the world – $100-200 per capita, in comparison to more than $35000 in OEC members. Initiatives in the sphere of renewable energy have been restricted for a long time. At present countries realize a number of projects to develop renewable energy, including implementation of a solar plant Upington on 100 megawatt.
North Africa is a very perspective region from the point of renewable energy.  It has 85% of wind potential in Africa and Middle East.
After analyzing all the aspects of this sphere we have solved electricity issue through independent power supply by means of using diesel and wind generators. It also allows us to make our production independent from internal factors and risks. We have totally eliminated the possibility of electricity deficit and the risk of power losses at the exit.

Most Recent Projects

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