Iron ore project of Western Africa

HERMES-SOJITZ fund has been successfully implementing projects in Africa in the field of extraction and processing of natural resources.

In particular, our Metallurgical project is associated with the exploration, extraction of iron ore and the construction of the metallurgical complex to produce iron and steel products.

The project is a complete cycle factory. It involves all the stages from open-pit mining of iron raw materials to further processing it into metal-rolls.  After thorough studying of the ore from the field we have received proof that this is hematite with the percentage of iron about 68.5%. Our initial material is a type of high-grade iron ore as it has the percentage of iron higher than 57%.  Hematite ore is directly used for the highest quality steel production.

ironWe are working on technologies that will change the process of steel-making and introduce new eco-friendly production methods.

Our estimated total volume of output of finished products is 1 million tons per year.

The high profitability of the project is based on the following factors:

1) high iron content (68.5%) in ore

2) low cost production

3) advanced technology in processing based on the Japanese and German equipment

The project is focused on the production, particularly on demand in the world market.

Most Recent Projects

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