The project of oil field development in Western Africa

oilHERMES-SOJITZ has the concession for the development and confirmation of gas and oil reserves in western Africa. African oil and gas industry is characterized by high rates of growth and plays an important role in the global economy.

The Fund conducts prospecting of oil in the region. One of the Fund’s aim is to confirm the actual presence of oil deposits.

Business development strategy includes conducting geological exploration in West Africa, as well as the test operation to determine the geological structure of the deposit, the reservoir properties of the rocks, their water, gas and oil saturation.

HERMES-SOJITZ actively develops its gas business activities, focused on the commercialization of natural and associated gas deposits from the oil fields and increase of its value.

Based on the data, the Fund uses the most efficient technologies of field development, optimal from the point of view of its economic assessment and cost-effectiveness.

The purpose of the project is to provide a significant economic impact to participants of the Fund on the results of the successful completion of the exploration and project implementation with the ability of profit taking at this stage, or its further development with a view to the construction of oil refineries.

Most Recent Projects

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