mettallurgiaThe fund successfully realizes projects in mining and processing of natural resources in Africa. These projects are aimed to produce products of high demand on the world markets in fishery sector and metallurgic complex (iron industry).

Our factories produce steel of very high quality, it is made of the ore with high percentage of iron; and surimi made of cheap wild types of fish caught in the cleanest part of the world.

mettallurgia1The Fund’s reputation is based on top management great experience in these spheres, complete production cycle, strict quality control and technological infrastructure.

Our top management includes specialists from Africa who are closely acquainted with both local mentality and European approach to business. They have contacts and connections with the region’s key people who are experienced in running business in local conditions.

All the factors mentioned above, as well as the huge amount of cheap raw material and cheap labor force, which guarantee low production expenses, and existence of alternative economically profitable electrical power allow us to stay beyond competition on the market.

The professionalism our management and our deep knowledge of modern technological equipment and production help us in preparing and organizing projects.

Our projects have the following advantages:

–  Complete cycle factories guarantee high quality on all stages of production and effectiveness of system process.

– Fitting with the most modern Japanese, German and South Korean equipment.

– Existance of our own research base.

Experience and understanding of sales systems guarantee sales of goods and high, stable profit.


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